Upstate Music Scene: Agreeing to Disagree With Gláss

  • By cvbizz
  • November 4, 2020
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Brett Barest

“…for what it’s worth, music journalism in SC, specifically Greenville/the upstate area, needs to at least <expletive> exist, man. From what I’ve seen, the sliver of music journalism that goes on around here is the most <expletive> bog standard, incurious, tastless [sic] <expletive> I’ve seen.” – Aaron Burke, Gláss

As I write this on Election Day 2020, I share this quote as Exhibit A in these divisive times that we do not have to agree with someone’s opinions in order to respect their work. I could not possibly disagree more with Mr. Burke’s statement, not just as a music writer myself, but on behalf of everyone out there scratching and clawing to put any amount of attention on the local scene. It might not always be groundbreaking coverage but the Upstate music scene is rich in talent and it deserves all the attention it can get.

That said, when I looked at the iOnGreenville music calendar this week, it was obvious to me that Gláss’s album release show at the Radio Room this Saturday night is the most interesting show of the week.

I was first introduced to Gláss when Aaron Burke performed an in-store show at Horizon Records earlier this year. The show was initially built around a visit from Mississippi’s The Great Dying but he was forced to cut his tour short due to a death in the family. Rather than cancel the event altogether, Burke went from supporting act to headliner and spent an evening playing tracks from his solo album Corvine: Columns & Verses. The result was a spectacular evening of esoteric, experimental indie rock – a far departure from the post-punk styling of Gláss, but the perfect soundtrack for a Thursday night at Horizon Records.

That night in late February I essentially took it for granted that it would only be a brief matter of time before I would write about the full ensemble that is Gláss live on stage. I certainly did not expect the world to shut down a mere two weeks later, kicking off an entire spring and summer with almost no live music to consume or write about. It was a show that I recall as if it was yesterday but at the same time, it feels like a generation ago in far more innocent times.

Fast forward to November and live music is slowly but surely making a comeback at venues around town. Gláss is finally celebrating the official release of its new album Wilting in Mauve which actually came out in September. Arguably Gláss’s most ambitious project to date, Wilting in Mauve is a total bombardment of sound, effortlessly blending so many musical influences that the resulting package defies classification and makes the listener ask how, where, and even when it all came from. It is the type of album that requires more than just one listen to even begin to digest and appreciate which is always a trademark of music worth listening to, in my opinion.  

Gláss will be joined by dystopian psych rockers Phantom Ships and the immensely talented singer/songwriter Reuben Knights for an eclectic evening of live music at The Radio Room. As always, bring your masks and social distancing skills for a safe and responsible evening of entertainment.

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