Upstate Live Music Scene: The Brooks Dixon Band Album Release Party + More Shows To See

  • By cvbizz
  • December 4, 2019
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Brooks Dixon Album Release
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When I first met Brooks Dixon I-forget-how-many-years-ago, I knew he was an extremely gifted artist from whom we could expect good things. What I did not see coming, however, was his evolution from strictly a folk singing solo artist to the leader of a full band that bears his name. That is where we are today as The Brooks Dixon Band has been playing venues around the Upstate for quite some time now and sounding really darn good while they are it.

For all the live performances The Brooks Dixon Band has been treating us to, they have been remiss in recording an album. Brooks Dixon himself has a handful of solo EP’s to his credit but, he admits, that is as easy as “setting aside a weekend to go to Nashville and record” while getting a whole band in the studio is a bit more of a challenge. A couple of weddings, some health issues, and a booked show schedule kept the band out of the studio for the better part of two years before they recognized the need to “take a few steps back from playing to finally get it done.” That is exactly what they did and the product of their work arrives this Friday when the full-length album Pocketful of Dreams is released to the public at the album release show at Swanson’s Warehouse.

Having been treated to an advance listen of Pocketful of Dreams, I have to say it was well worth the wait. Dixon’s folk songwriting roots are still on full display but in a catchier manner than ever with the full band with him. Musically, the album does a great job capturing the band’s energy and simulating the live show experience, something Dixon says was the goal from day one. It is also an album that you cannot sustain a bad mood for as every track is upbeat and downright chipper. Even the track “Without You” maintains a “Singin’ in the Rain” level of optimism while reflecting on a now finished terrible relationship.

The first single “Good Intentions” was actually recorded in 2017 and was the track that originally inspired the goal of a full band project. The song’s funk/soul vibe is still one the album’s many highlights, as is the following track, the rockabilly-esque “Pick and Choose”, recorded with fellow local guitarist Jacob Johnson. It is definitely a record that feels like new favorite tracks, moments, and lines will emerge with additional listens which is exactly the kind of thing that makes for a good album, in my opinion.

Friday night’s album release party will be at Swanson’s Warehouse which, if you have not heard of, you are not alone. I have only recently figured out that it is behind a vaguely labeled door in the back section of Fireforge’s building on Washington Street, existing as a semi-private concert venue that you really need to be in the know to find. That said, it is worth the search just to get your hands on the new Brooks Dixon Band’s record this Friday.

Other shows this weekend that have me intrigued…

Thursday, TPP Events brings Darby Wilcox, She Returns From War, and Jordan Igoe to Yee Haw Brewing Company ahead of a weekend full of shows with good deeds in mind. Saturday, Golden Grove Farm & Brew hosts a toy drive featuring John the Revelator while Sunday sees The Spinning Jenny and Gottrocks host festivals to raise money for the Julie Valentine Center and Wind River Cancer Wellness Retreats respectively. Find out all about these shows and so many more on the iOnGreenville concert calendar today. 

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