Upstate Live Music: Looking Ahead to a Busy Weekend of Shows

  • By cvbizz
  • February 12, 2021
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barnyard stompers
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Brett Barest

As I peruse the weekend’s live music calendar, I dare say that it resembles that of pre-pandemic times. There are shows at each the Radio Room, Gottrocks, and Spinning Jenny in longer than I can remember meaning Upstate music lovers have a lot to be excited about (and potentially tough decisions to make). Let us have a glance at just some of what we have to look forward to…

Friday: Barnyard Stompers @ Gottrocks

The south Texas duo that is the Barnyard Stompers is not your grandpa’s country music of old. Also, it is not (thankfully) the watered down drivel that passes as modern pop country these days. No, the Barnyard Stompers are their own brand of Outlaw Country that embraces classic country influences but adds notes of blues and hell raising rock & roll to dial the vibe up to 11. If you want it loud and rowdy this weekend, Gottrocks has just what you need.

Saturday: Pinky Doodle Poodle @ The Radio Room

Pinky Doodle Poodle started as a high energy rock band in Japan but has since gone international in their touring with their roots replanted in Athens. After a brief trip to Japan for Visa renewals in 2019, they returned to an America teeming with COVID and no live touring. They used that time to release a new album and their first acoustic EP, further broadening their range as an in-your-face, female led rock band. Saturday they bring their full on electric set to The Radio Room and, if you are in to something a little more mellow, keep an eye out for their acoustic set at Fireforge next Friday (3/5)

Sunday: Stop Light Observations @ The Radio Room

When The Radio Room announced Charleston’s Stop Light Observations were performing a stripped down set as a duo this Sunday night, tickets sold out fast enough to warrant a second set. So, if you are looking for tickets to the “late” show at 8pm, you are out of luck, Also, if you are looking for tickets to the 6pm set, you might still be out of luck as there are only two socially distanced “pods” still available at the time of this writing. Still, it is worth a shot for a great early show on a Sunday evening so, first two buyers to The Radio Room website wins. Good luck and enjoy the show!

Also Sunday: Michael Winslow @ The Spinning Jenny

Disclaimer – this is a comedy show but I told you last week I was going to include more comedy here and I meant it. Does anyone remember the guy that made all the funny noises in the Police Academy movie? Well, that is Michael Winslow and his talent and brand of comedy have held up just fine all these years later. He does a great job of incorporating a unique gift into wholesome and modernly relevant comedy and it should make for a great night of entertainment in Downtown Greer.

Whatever you end up doing this weekend, thank you for supporting these (and so many other) hardworking local business and, as always, stay safe out there. I will be back here next week to talk about a local venue that is doing things completely differently and I cannot wait to share their story.

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