Top Reasons To Use Your UTV or ATV for Hunting

  • By KaylaK
  • June 25, 2021
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Top Reasons To Use Your UTV or ATV for Hunting
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Sometimes you want a quiet, leisurely day tracking quarry and enjoying nature with pals. But sometimes you just want to bag as much as you can. If you haven’t tried going after game on wheels, think about these top reasons to use your UTV or ATV for hunting.

To Speed Up Pursuit

Waiting in a blind for an animal to wander by can be frustrating when you’re running low on patience. For an entirely different experience, you can really give a pack of feral hogs a run for their hides by flooring your vehicle. Shooting while moving is a new skill to master, or you can hop out and back in when you need to.

To Pack Up Equipment

When you’re ready to move beyond the basics, there’s nothing like taking advantage of technology to get to the next level. On an ATV or UTV, you can pack more guns, a hunting bow, a field dressing kit, camping gear, and any gadgets you want to test out. You can also turn the vehicle into the ultimate stalking machine with a camouflage vinyl wrap or paint job. Love hunting at night? You can mount lights on a high rack to free up your hands.

To Pack Out Animals

Think positively and think ahead about how you’re going to get that trophy beast back home. You can cause damage by dragging it—to the animal as well as to your back. A truck might have to stop a distance away, but a small vehicle can navigate any terrain quickly. Proximity can be key, especially on warm days when the carcass isn’t going to hold up well for long. Maybe the top reason to use your UTV or ATV for hunting is so that you can zoom home, freshly triumphant with your prize. Why should you have to wait for the glory?

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