Tips for Planning Outdoor Events

  • By KaylaK
  • January 25, 2021
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Tips for Planning Outdoor Events
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The lengthy period that we’re currently spending indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic is causing many people to feel eager to get outside. Once circumstances return to a state of normalcy, you may want to get together in the open air with friends and family for gatherings that you’ve postponed this year, such as weddings. Use these tips for planning outdoor events for a smooth, enjoyable time.

Map Out Your Equipment Needs

You’ll need a variety of electronic equipment for most events, and in an outdoor setting you must make sure that each component will function properly. Map out where you’ll place each piece and how to connect it to a power source so that you don’t become flustered when the day arrives. Your lighting, sound systems, and other equipment may require extension cords or even a generator for optimal positioning. Find ways to remove cords from high-traffic areas where people can trip over them.

Have a Bad Weather Backup Strategy

Weather is fickle and though the forecast for the date you have planned may show sunshine, rain may appear out of nowhere and present an obstacle for you. Because of this, a tip for planning outdoor events is to have a weather backup strategy. It’s also smart to look at insurance on rentals items and terms on contracts to make sure that you can cancel your event if need be. For this latter scenario, know how you will reschedule and inform everyone about the change.

Think About the Number of Guests

Whether you’re hosting the event in your yard, a park, or a special venue, you should think about the number of guests that you want to invite. If you originally had a certain location in mind but find that it is too small, be open to considering other options. When you get seats, tables, and food, you should aim for a slight surplus to accommodate extra people that you might not initially anticipate. A chair might break or some other accident can occur where having additional supplies will prove to be a lifesaver. If you’re going to use a tent, you should determine the tent size based on both how many people you’re expecting and how large your equipment and displays will be.

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