Tips for Landscaping on a Hill

  • By KaylaK
  • March 1, 2021
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Tips for Landscaping on a Hill
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A hilly property can make for a uniquely attractive sight when you create a plan and decorate it well. At the same time, the sloping ground can make it harder for you to beautify your yard. Put these tips for landscaping on a hill to use so that your home’s outdoor space is functional and appealing.

Cover Exposed Soil

While you may leave the soil in certain sections of your yard exposed, you shouldn’t do this on a hill. The reason for this is that the soil will erode more easily from wind and rain. To maintain your land, you should cover the soil as much as you can. Planting an abundance of shrubs can help anchor soil through the plant’s roots. Large stones are also effective for soil retention and they can help you vary the look of your yard as well.

Form a Safe Pathway

Similarly, a regular front yard walkway won’t be sufficient for a hill. You need to create stability by constructing stairs and winding your pathway. Stone steps can add to the aesthetics of your yard while making it safe to walk through without slipping. A winding pathway can also work because directing it from side to side reduces the angle of the slope compared to having it go straight up. Since the path must become lengthier with this design, you also have more room to coordinate nearby plants and lighting fixtures, which can be a plus.

Utilize Retaining Walls

Utilizing retaining walls is a great tip for landscaping on a hill as well. Retaining walls create sharp separations between lower and higher ground rather than allowing for a gradual slope to connect them. This is useful because the two sections then become flat. Level ground is simple to landscape since you no longer need to worry about things shifting due to gravity. As long as you avoid common retaining wall failures, such as forgetting about drainage, these structures will stand strong for a long time. Moreover, retaining walls visually divide your yard to make it more interesting.

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