Tiger Strikes Asteroid Inaugural Exhibition Opens October 4th at the Greenville Center for Creative Arts

  • By cvbizz
  • September 23, 2019
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Tiger Strikes Asteroid was started in Philadelphia in 2009.  With independently operated branches in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York, the non-profit collective seeks to offer emerging artists a viable platform.  Their newest post, which was just established in Greenville, hopes to bring contemporary artists to the forefront of the art scene in the Southeast. 

The south is a vivacious arts community, but with commercial artists taking over much of the gallery spaces, showings, and art festivals, Tiger Strikes Asteroid aims to support a new wave of artists as they showcase their work.  Their inaugural exhibition will open on Friday, October 4th at the Greenville Center for Creative Arts.  In Front of Your Eyes features paintings from Hannah Cole, Jodi Hays, and Celia Reisman, and highlights the often-overlooked beauty of the mundane.

Asheville based Hannah Cole often focuses on what could be perceived as eye sores, such as overgrown weeds in Red Creeper, or unsightly graffiti in God is Love.  Nashville artist Jodi Hays chooses ordinary subject matter, and commonplace patterns to convert into eye-popping abstracts as with Vanity and Betsy.  Celia Reisman, who lives in both Pennsylvania and Vermont merely paints her suburban neighborhoods, but with detail that demands a second look.  Each work purveys a certain beauty not captured by the human eye or a photograph.  They offer a unique perspective of the ordinary, and an artistic touch that creates a completely unique feeling for each viewer.

Playdate Gallery in Asheville, Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston, Sheffield Wood Gallery in Greenville, and the Greenville Center for Creative Arts will be home to almost half a dozen TSA exhibits in the next year as they plan to open their own gallery.  They offer diverse ways for artists, curators, and critics to become involved, with the goal of empowering their communities to share their personal views of our communal world.  Visit https://www.tigerstrikesasteroid.com/ for more information and stay tuned as they help to transform Greenville.

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