Throwback Trends That Made a Comeback During Quarantine

  • By KaylaK
  • February 26, 2021
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Throwback Trends That Made a Comeback During Quarantine
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In a lot of ways, it seems as though we got a free pass in 2020 to really let our freak flags fly. Though many of us gave our hair and skin a much-needed break from cosmetics, as there was nowhere to go, others saw this time as an opportunity to explore a world of trying new things they would otherwise leave to professionals. Additionally, we entered a whole new world of comfort when it comes to clothing, as many of us switched to remote work or simply spent more time behind closed doors. This brought about the throwback trends that made a comeback during quarantine.

At-Home Haircuts and Colorings Gone Awry

As salons and barbershops remained closed, many citizens throughout the world eventually found themselves with hairdos that had long gone untouched by professionals. With the added time on our hands and the understanding that very few people would see us if things didn’t work out, many of us set out on a mission to alter our own hair.

The argument for whether bangs are back didn’t stop people from attempting to cut their hair. From shaved heads to hacking away aimlessly with scissors, many took it upon themselves to cut, dye, and alter their hair. This is where the mullet came back with a vengeance. Many of us thought this trend ended when Billy Ray Cyrus finally cut his mullet off, but in quarantine, this “business in the front, party in the back” hairstyle made its way back to being on-trend.

Hats To Save The Day

For as many people that were happy with their home hair alterations, many were left thinking, “What have I done?” Luckily, hats never went out of style. From a spike in popularity of the 90s bucket hat to the old standby dad hat, many people have found ways to alter hats that are still personal, unique, and above all else, the perfect cover-up for an at-home cut and color that went awry. Hats have stood the test of time, and though all styles haven’t remained popular, each style seems to find its way back into our hearts and trends at some point.

Sweatsuits, Because Real Clothes Are Overrated

Have you ever seen those pictures that compare the acne-ridden, brace-wearing preteens of the 90s and 2000s to the glamourous tweens we see today? What about the small children who are dressed to the nines, whereas millennial children bore sweatsuits and oversized glasses? Well, maybe there was something to the style of our Generation Y population because we’ve seen a lot of matching sweatsuits come back in a way we thought was over.

It’s currently very popular to wear sweatsuits, though modern sweatsuits look a bit different than those of the 90s. Typically altered to make the upper piece a crop top and often tie-dyed, bearing patchwork, or altered in creative ways, these sweatsuits put a new spin on an old classic. This year, comfort is key, and turning shabby into chic is all the rage.

Keep an eye out for the throwback trends that are making a comeback during this time. You’ll be surprised to see the interesting variations of styles that you thought were long forgotten. If you’re ever in doubt about what’s hot and what’s not, just consult your nearest Gen Z social media platform to learn which throwback trends made a comeback during quarantine. Additionally, they’ll let you know that side parts, skinny jeans, and using the laughing/crying emoji are apparently “so out,” while some other trends are “so in.”

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