Three Safety Tips To Know When Vacationing Alone

  • By KaylaK
  • December 22, 2020
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Three Safety Tips To Know When Vacationing Alone
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Picture it: the open road, a luxurious hotel room, or a quiet corner of the park, all to yourself. Solo vacations are a great way to take a break and look after yourself for a while. You can be as introspective, adventurous, or lazy as you want, and no one is around to argue about directions or your plans for the day. Plus, solo vacations make it easier to practice social distancing wherever you go. That said, you need to be careful when you travel alone. While it’s possible to stay perfectly safe and comfortable throughout the trip, you have to be smart about it. If you’re planning a personal getaway, make sure you follow these safety tips to know when vacationing alone.

Communication Is Your Friend

Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you have to go the entire time without talking to people. Stay in touch with people back home. Touch base daily with a friend or family member so that someone knows where you are and what you’re doing. Evening phone calls, photos from your adventures, or even just a quick text to let them know you made it back to your lodging safely for the night will help keep everyone at ease. You should also give your itinerary to someone you trust before you leave. Be sure to let this person know if and when your plans change. This will make it easier for them to step in and help if something goes wrong.

Do Your Research

As with any vacation, research ahead of time. The best safety tips to know when vacationing alone include making sure you know where you’re going, learning how to get there, and what to expect while you’re there. Preparations like these will make sure you never get lost or stuck on your own. Knowledge about your destination will also make you less noticable: if you look like a fish out of water, pickpockets or other ill-intentioned people will have an easier time spotting you as a lone tourist. Plus, doing your research makes the journey far less stressful. You get to spend less time worrying about directions and more time enjoying your well-earned vacation.

Avoid Dangerous Situations

Obviously, you know not to put yourself in harm’s way. However, there are things you might do with your friends on vacation that you might want to steer clear of on your own. For example, a girls’ night out at the bar is a great way to spend part of your trip. When you’re alone, though, drinking can make you an easier target. It’s also harder to find a safe way home when you don’t know the area, and figuring out how to handle an out-of-state DUI can also get extremely complicated. Try to avoid situations that can end badly, even if it’s something you would normally feel safe doing with friends. A little common sense and responsible decision making can save you from a whole lot of trouble down the road.

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