Three Great Weekend Mountain Bike Backpacking Trips

  • By cvbizz
  • May 28, 2020
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The Southeast offers fantastic overnight mountain biking experiences. These user-friendly weekend routes are some of the region’s best. 

photo by Chris Hunt

I love the scenic immersion of long-distance backpacking—the isolated vistas and pristine ecosystems, the wildlife, the backcountry camping along walks less traveled. Yet I often end up fixating: ‘Wouldn’t these trails be great by mountain bike?’ Spot a flowy downhill run and I’m consumed by the need to thrash. It gets unbearable, quick.  

Seeking resolution led me to mountain bikepacking. On one hand, it’s about trekking into beautiful wild areas in the middle of nowhere and sleeping under the stars, but getting to the remote destination includes some righteous shredding along the way.  Here we round up a trio of superlative user-friendly routes in the Blue Ridge. Each blends MTB rippers with awesome camping and backcountry experiences.  

Stokesville 60K Loop 
(Mount Solon, Virginia)

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