These Are Hands Down The Greatest Sandwiches Of All Time

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  • November 26, 2020
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The sandwich is the perfect meal. It’s portable, it’s filling, and there are endless possibilities. Sandwiches can be sweet or savory, and served hot or cold. Are you a vegetarian? Great, have a sandwich. Are you a meat lover? Great, here are more sandwiches. Check out our favorites.

You shouldn’t need a recipe for this. It’s in the name, folks: bacon, lettuce, and tomato. The beauty of the perfect BLT is that if you use good B, L, and T, you will have a good BLT. This sandwich is all about using good quality ingredients. That said, there is a little margin for error. Basically, the bacon needs to be freshly fried, hot, and crispy, the lettuce must be anything other than iceberg and have some real bite, and the bread must be toasted.

The origins of the BLT are a bit opaque. Some believe it’s a descendent of English tea-time sandwiches from the Victorian era, while others believe it’s an American variation on the classic club sandwich, which was popularized in the dining cars of America’s bustling railways. According to Michele Jordan, author of The BLT Cookbook, the first mention of the BLT can be found in a 1903 issue of Ladies Home Journal magazine. Who knew?

Has a tuna melt ever been spectacular? Probably not, but it’s a diner classic for a reason. Classically open-faced but sometimes served between two slices of bread, this sandwich combines toasted bread, tuna salad, and melted cheese. While the true origin of this sandwich is somewhat murky, the tuna melt was allegedly invented at a Woolworth’s lunch counter in 1965 in Charleston, South Carolina. According to writer Warren Bobrow, an order for a grilled cheese sandwich on white bread with a smear of mayo came in.

The tuna melt can be a polarizing sandwich. Not everyone is a fan of warmed up tuna salad and cheese. What’s the secret to a perfect tuna melt? Crispy, substantial bread, not too much tuna salad, and actually melt that cheese, please!

Keep watching to see These Are Hands Down The Greatest Sandwiches Of All Time.


BLT | 0:00
Tuna melt | 1:10
Grilled Cheese | 2:08
Banh mi | 3:03
Reuben | 3:55
French dip | 4:53
Philly cheesesteak | 5:56
Monte Cristo | 6:48
Lobster roll | 7:32
Torta | 8:24
Peanut butter and jelly | 9:02
Bagel with cream cheese and lox | 10:13
Po’boy | 11:08
Cuban | 11:48

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