The Untold Truth Of The Andy Griffith Show

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  • December 28, 2020
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The Andy Griffith Show, which first aired in 1960, was one of the most beloved and highly rated shows in television history. The untold truth of The Andy Griffith Show is that it was actually a spinoff series, Andy Griffith had an on-set affair, and a contract issue led to Don Knotts’s departure.

Not many people realize this, but The Andy Griffith Show was technically a spinoff of sorts. The first time Sheriff Andy Taylor made his appearance on television, he was a guest star on The Danny Thomas Show. In the episode, Danny Thomas drives through the town of Mayberry and gets pulled over by Sheriff Taylor for running an unnoticed stop sign. However, this version of Andy Taylor is far less kind than his later incarnation that we know today.

One of the series’s running jokes is that Andy wields far more power in the small town than a sheriff might typically have, but he’s at least fair. This version of Andy Taylor has no such scruples. When he fines Danny Thomas for his stop sign violation, he soon realizes that the TV star has access to plenty of money and doesn’t hesitate to significantly increase the typical fine. Danny Thomas threatens to report Andy to the Justice of the Peace — only to discover that Andy also serves that role as well. Next, Danny tries to report Andy’s corruption to the media, but Andy is also the editor of The Mayberry Gazette, making his small-town power complete. The episode ends with Andy and Danny coming to an agreeable resolution, and audiences were later given the beloved The Andy Griffith Show.

Watch this video for the untold truth of the Andy Griffith Show!

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It was a spinoff | 00:00
Prankster Andy | 01:38
A serious actress | 02:50
The impact of Don Knotts | 04:03
Floyd’s stroke | 04:53
A real-life romance | 05:52
An attempted return | 07:14
The Birth of Gomer Pyle | 08:28
Leaving on a high note | 09:27
One last reunion | 10:41

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