The Untold Truth Of Taco Bell

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  • November 16, 2020
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No matter how many late-night stops you make at Taco Bell, there’s probably a lot you still don’t know about the fast-food chain.

From how the Doritos Locos Taco was invented, to some of the chain’s zaniest promotions, these Taco Bell tidbits will have you hitting the drive-thru in no time.

At some point in the 1990s, you probably saw one of those Taco Bell commercials that featured a precious little Chihuahua named Gidget — a $500 million advertising campaign, all told. Though the commercials aired constantly, they didn’t actually increase sales. In fact, it cost the company in more ways than one. In 2003, two men claimed they’d created the concept of the Taco Bell dog, and sued the company for $42 million. Who wouldn’t want to take credit for the concept?

Taco Bell eventually settled the case out of court, and Gidget passed away in 2009 at the ripe old age of 15. Her trainer claimed the Taco Bell gig basically ruined her career, noting that:

“She was kind of typecast, so she never really got much work after that.”

That’s not to say her career was completely derailed by the campaign. After all, Gidget also starred in Legally Blonde 2 in 2003, fearlessly playing Bruiser — a brave and challenging role for any pooch to tackle.

Oh, and we should probably mention that Gidget also had a bit role in Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Honestly, a lot of actors would kill for that resume.

Watch the video to find out more of the untold truth of Taco Bell!

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The Taco Bell dog | 0:23
Welcome to Taco Bell Hotel | 1:44
The Doritos Locos Taco | 3:14
Taco Bell to the rescue | 5:20
The Batman movie promo | 6:12
Let’s talk about beef | 7:13
Those vegetarian options | 8:24
Hot dogs and hamburgers? | 9:51
Pre-formed crunchy taco shells | 10:44
The first Taco Bell | 11:49

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