The Untold Truth Of Krispy Kreme

  • By cvbizz
  • November 5, 2020
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When you’re craving doughnuts, can you think of anything better than a Krispy Kreme? That flawless sheet of glaze that crackles across the top when you take your first bite; the light, pillowy pastry that almost dissolves in your mouth the moment it hits your tongue… Whether you’re looking to satisfy your breakfast cravings or a late night sweet tooth, it always hits the spot. And when they’re hot off the line? Forget about it. While we may never know what makes these things so delicious, there are plenty of other fun facts to discover about your favorite doughnut chain that’s been serving those glazed delights for over 80 years. Here’s the untold truth of Krispy Kreme…

That “Hot” light | 0:41
Doughnut beer? | 1:12
Don’t join the “klub” | 2:01
Doughnuts over cake | 2:45
Shaq’s love affair | 3:39
Black market doughnuts? | 4:27
Sugar bomb breakfast | 5:07
The Luther Burger | 5:46
That limited edish | 6:39

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