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  • By cvbizz
  • June 1, 2019
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Radio Room slowly built from “a hidden gem” to being dubbed “Greenville’s favorite rock’n’roll dive bar!” It’s the kind of place where people come as they are. You don’t get a weird look if you go in a polo shirt and sandals, any more than if you came in sporting a trench coat and Mohawk. Radio Room is not for everyone; but it has found a small and effective niche. The bar is always in the market for new regulars, who love music and dive bars; those people who don’t always find what they want downtown or in the suburbs. 

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Upcoming Shows

Apr 11
8:00 pm
WVRM album release show
The Radio Room - 110 Poinsett Highway
Apr 12
8:00 pm
Hollywood Horses / Luxx / TBA
The Radio Room - 110 Poinsett Highway

How to Get There

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