The Buccaneers Better Hope the Antonio Brown Signing Works Out

  • By cvbizz
  • October 24, 2020
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Antonio Brown is reportedly joining the Bucs, but Conor Orr says adding the receiver can be detrimental for the franchise’s long-term goals.

To see both sides of the ball in Tampa Bay is to view competing, polar opposite team building strategies that exist on the same roster. Their defense, so far the lifeblood of the club, arguably the best unit in football, is full of strong draft picks from almost all rounds, the occasional high-profile dip in to free agency and some genius maneuvers on the secondary market.

The offense, meanwhile, is slowly turning into Tom Brady’s rolling Vegas tour show. A platoon of aging stars working on that leather tan base coat for life in a broadcasting booth from here to eternity.

Friday’s news, that they’re now adding Antonio Brown to the mix, should not be surprising in the least. Brady’s hands are all over the control panels after years

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