The Biggest Accidents And Injuries On MythBusters

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  • October 20, 2020
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MythBusters was one of the defining shows of early 21st-century television, and its stars are proud of the show’s safety record. But that’s not to say that it was completely accident-free or that no eyebrows were harmed. Here are the biggest accidents and injuries on MythBusters.

Anyone who has watched MythBusters knows that the set-up for each experiment includes plenty of safety precautions to protect the cast and crew and innocent bystanders.

But one day, the unthinkable happened.

In 2011, the MythBusters Build Team were testing whether a stone cannonball could be fired with the same force as a metal one. To examine this myth, the team headed out to the Alameda County bomb range and brought along a self-made cannon that they had used in prior episodes. To start the test, they loaded in a metal cannonball, lit the fuse, and Boom! A puff of smoke … but where was the cannonball? As the MythBusters would later discover, it had apparently bounced off the ground and was sent flying into a residential neighborhood 700 yards outside the range.

From there, the cannonball followed a hectic trajectory: According to the Los Angeles Times, it smashed a ten-inch hole through one house, bounced off the roof of another, and ultimately came to a stop after hitting a parked minivan.

The MythBusters have described this incident as their “Worst Day Ever” – and rightly so.

Thankfully, no one was hurt but regardless, the network promised to pay for any damages, and Adam and Jamie personally met with the affected families to express their sympathy. The MythBusters also made sure to be even more safe with their projectiles in future seasons.

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Rogue cannonball smashed into house | 0:00
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An accidental deadly lawn mower | 2:31
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Safety glass panels are dangerous | 4:14
An indoor rocket test | 4:55
A failed underwater car escape | 5:53
A rocket-car blew up | 6:55
Smashed shin during free-fall | 8:01
Low blow from a goat | 8:44
Car flipped onto its back | 9:24
Explosion shook a whole town | 10:35

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