Ten Foods That Basically Disappeared in 2020

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  • December 29, 2020
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Grocery shoppers had a rough go of it in 2020 between the limited store hours, social distancing, and food shortages. As if this year wasn’t stressful enough, many shoppers found themselves looking at empty store shelves when it came to these certain items.

For both experienced home bakers and budding bread-makers, the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic brought additional challenges. As they braved the grocery store aisles, many noticed some seriously empty shelves. For some shoppers, in fact, it was all but impossible to find flour.

The flour shortage may have been frustrating, but it provided a silver lining for businesses like King Arthur Flour. According to Marker, the relatively small flour milling company has been in continuous business since 1790 and was already known for high quality goods. In early 2020, the flour maker experienced an upswing in orders so massive that, as Adweek reports, their sales rose more than 2,000 percent. This period of time was so busy that it was briefly difficult for them to fulfill orders, as it was for many other flour producers and distributors throughout the country.

King Arthur and other companies have since beefed up their production and distribution networks have changed to accommodate demand. Yet, there was a brief moment where you may not have found much flour on your local grocery store shelf. People more or less stuck at home were forced to practice patience, or else had to get creative in the kitchen as they baked bread, pastries, and other treats.

Watch this video for more foods that basically disappeared in 2020!

Flour | 0:00
Canned soup | 1:28
Craft beer | 2:17
Costco sheet cake | 3:15
Dunkaroos | 4:11
Yeast | 5:19
Oat milk | 6:31
Odwalla smoothies | 7:35
Meat | 8:27
Frozen pizza | 9:43
Amy’s Kitchen frozen meals | 10:51

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