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You can now utilize the iOnGreenville mobile apps  to receive interactive content for many of the exhibits at the museum. Download the Free app to get ideas on how to enhance your child’s visit to the museum. Once you have the apps, prompts will be automatically delivered to your phone as you walk around the museum. These prompts will include:

  • Interactive Play Ideas
  • Learning Opportunities
  • Resource information from Greenville First Steps

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[aio_button align=”none” animation=”none” color=”green” size=”small” icon=”none” text=”Get the Android App” relationship=”dofollow” url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ion_green”]



How to get started:
1. Go to https://iongreenville.net/tcmu2/
2. Click the iPhone or Android Button
3. Install the Free  app on your phone
4. Allow the apps to access your location if prompted
5. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone

Not seeing content?

  1.  Android users need to have the latest version of the iOnGreenville app. Delete your existing copy of the app and install the app again from this link.
  2. If you already had the iPhone version of iOnGreenville, please make sure you have the latest updated version of the app.
  3. Verify that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.
  4. Restart your phone. Again verify that Bluetooth is enabled upon restart.



About iOnGreenville

Planning a visit to Greenville, South Carolina? Make sure you update your iOnGreenville apps to the newest update! The new update includes several enhancements that will make it even easier to enjoy your time in the Upstate of South Carolina.

Along with our complete Dining and Shopping Guides, Live Music Calendar and comprehensive Upstate Calendar, the new update includes:

You also get updated content from our partners:

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