Surprising Uses for Cat Litter

  • By KaylaK
  • March 10, 2021
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Surprising Uses for Cat Litter
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Though cat litter spends most of its time inside a box, it’s designed with a few properties that can be useful in other ways. From deodorization to absorbency, thinking outside the box may help you discover some surprising uses for cat litter. You might be surprised at how multipurpose this product really is. When using litter for these projects, it’s best to go with a simple unscented product.

Traction on Ice

Kitty litter is great at providing traction when a car is stuck in winter with its wheels spinning on ice. Consider keeping a bag of litter in the trunk in case you’re stranded and can’t seem to get your tires to grip the road enough to move. It’s a natural way to move through ice or snow and may save you some hassle.

Grease Fire Prevention

Grease fires are incredibly dangerous because adding water only exacerbates them. Use kitty litter as a preventative measure by pouring a layer in the bottom of your grill to help avoid a grease fire from starting.

Deodorizing Objects

Putting cat litter in a shoebox in a closet or room works as a deodorizer. Additionally, you can apply the same technique to deodorize shoes or even camping tents. Simply sprinkle litter into a tied sock and placing it inside your shoes or tent to keep them must-free and smelling fresh.

Flower Preservation

Receiving flowers can be sort of a double-edged sword because their beauty and fragrance don’t stay for long. Though the smell is fleeting, the actual flower can last much longer with cat litter. Simply place your flowers on a bed of cat litter in an airtight container to preserve them for about a week.

Algae Killer

Kitty litter helps keep fishponds algae-free. If you experience problems with algae growth, you likely already know how frustrating it can be to try to manage. Adding a pound of cat litter for every 2,000 gallons of water; the litter will circulate through the water and clear the algae up quickly.

Absorbing Agent

Many people are unaware of the negative effects of urban runoff. Becoming more cognizant of how chemicals get into our water system is essential. A great way to prevent some of the contaminants from polluting water is to use kitty litter to absorb oil and grease spills in your garage or driveway rather than hosing them off into the yard.

There are many surprising uses for cat litter. Often known solely as the substance used to aid in cat continence measures, this product’s properties make it very useful in many scenarios. It’s worth keeping a box or bag on hand for any of these instances, and it’s worth exploring further possibilities.

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