Stretching can lead to a healthier 2021

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  • December 31, 2020
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The year 2020 involved a lot of sitting. Stay-at-home orders, home offices, and quarantines kept  many in the Upstate from keeping up a healthy lifestyle. As the new year begins and we all look to make New Year’s resolutions to resume activity and improve our overall health, those goals can be achieved from an unexpected source: stretching.

Whether the goal is to finally touch your toes, have more energy, improve range of motion or play on the floor with grandchildren, stretching has shown immediate and lasting benefits in improving overall health. Keeping a stretching routine improves blood circulation, which leads to more energy and a more active lifestyle. “Stretching is really no different than other types of exercise,” says Ashley Gondi, owner of StretchLab in Greenville. “You have to make it a priority and dedicate time in your week to create a routine.”

Assisted stretching involves trained professionals — called Flexologists — developing a personalized stretching routine based on each individual’s goals. “After the first session, clients feel a difference,” says Gondi. “After three weeks, some see a remarkable difference.” She compares assisted stretching to yoga that a professional does for you, and notes that it can become addictive in the best of ways.

Stretching can even be an alternative for those hoping to cut out caffeine and unhealthy energy drinks this year. The improved energy of a 30-minute assisted stretching session is comparable to a cup of coffee. In addition, Gondi says the night after a stretching session is the best sleep one could ask for.

At StretchLab in Greenville, Flexologists are helping people of the Upstate reach their 2021 goals. If your resolution is for a healthier, more active lifestyle, then stretching should be a part of your new routine.

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