States and cities are imposing curfews to slow down Covid-19. Will they work?

  • By cvbizz
  • November 18, 2020
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A citywide curfew sign displayed on entry to Miami Beach on July 20. | Johnny Louis/Getty Images

Why experts doubt new curfews will slow the spread of Covid-19.

With Covid-19 cases reaching record highs, US states and cities are implementing new curfews to slow the virus’s spread without having to take any more drastic lockdown measures.

The big question: Will they make any difference?

Several European countries tried curfews and more targeted restrictions when their cases started to rise in the fall. But they proved inadequate, prompting governments to later issue stay-at-home orders. US officials may simply be delaying the inevitable by taking an interim step before moving on to more closures.

“The curfews are puzzling to most public health folks,” Kumi Smith, an epidemiology professor at the University of Minnesota, told me. “If we were determined about virus control and

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