South Carolina debuts new state flag and the public hates it

  • By cvbizz
  • January 1, 2021
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The state previously used a design that depicted a palmetto tree and a crescent moon, and the historians wished to honor the state’s heritage by adopting a variation of it. Scott Malyerck illustrated the variations, and he created a Facebook page to help generate discussion and ideas for the new look, according to ABC News 4.  After two years of work and design, the flag was debuted to the public. The design kept the indigo color of Colonel William Moultrie’s 2nd S.C. Regiment during the Revolutionary War, the crescent from the 2nd Regiment’s uniforms and the palmetto tree, which was drawn by Charleston artist Ellen Heyward Jervey for the 1910 flag.   The synthesized result ticked all the boxes for the committee, but the final flag seemed to only tick off the public.  “It looks like it got the electric chair,” one user said, according to FITS News.  Another user said the tree looked like it had “survived a hurricane,” while several others compared it to Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree.  Another user was much more topical, likening two different designs to 2020: how it started and how it ended.  A Post and Courier Twitter poll showed that only 22% of respondents said it was “good”; another 26% said they thought it was outright bad, 23% said it was “really bad” and 30% said it was “total trash.”  Malyerck admitted that, in hindsight, the flag had sacrificed aesthetics for historical accuracy, leading to a “95 percent” negative response.

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