Scooter Cannonball Tests Riders in Cross-Country Race

  • By cvbizz
  • July 3, 2021
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Held every two years, the Scooter Cannonball race will test 192 riders to see who can cross the country on a scooter. Riders will travel an average of 447 miles per day on roads that sometimes force the scooters to max out at 14mph. The average day will involve 14 hours of riding.

The Scooter Cannonball will begin in Bar Harbor, Maine on July 12, 2021 and finish 10 days later in Eureka, California on July 21st. The total distance of the recommended riding course is estimated to be 4,500 miles.

The race has been held every other year since 2004.

About the Scooter Cannonball

The Scooter Cannonball Run is a coast to coast rally for scooters. It is a test of both rider and machine that covers over 4500 miles and takes in some of the best motorcycle roads on the North American continent. It will be run as a time/distance/regularity rally where points are awarded based on miles completed and the ability to maintain the standard pace.

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