Rockers Who Partied Way Too Hard

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  • November 13, 2020
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There’s a reason why rock stars are synonymous with excess, as a lot of them really have lived their lives as indulgently as you can imagine. Their exploits have become the stuff of legend, but some of them, like the following, partied way too hard.

In many ways, Kiss is the definitive rock band. Most of their songs are arena-ready anthems about rock ‘n’ roll itself, and their stage show is full of pyrotechnics. And while they were rocking and rolling all night, they also partied every day, particularly longtime guitarist Ace Frehley [FRAY-lee], also known as “Space Ace.” He started drinking at the age of 13 and spent most of his life struggling with addiction before kicking his habits for good in 2006. His moment of clarity happened when his daughter called him out on how he’d started drinking again and implored him to quit.

Frehley’s drinking days featured some notably audacious booze-fueled moments. In 1979, while Kiss was on Tom Snyder’s Tomorrow show, a visibly intoxicated Frehley grumbled and drunkenly joked his way through the appearance, to the annoyance of his bandmates.

There was also the time when the band was riding in a limousine and Frehley chugged a bottle of perfume after being told that it technically contained alcohol. Despite his wild ways, he’s still alive and kicking in 2020.

Watch video for more rockers who partied way too hard.

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