Richard’s Comics & Collectables Celebrates 15 years in Greenville

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  • February 24, 2020
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Melissa Milligan

Fifteen years ago, Richard Morgan took over ownership of New Dimension Comics and it became Richard’s Comics & Collectables. It was not exactly planned that his opening day would be Valentine’s Day, it serendipitously fell on a Monday in 2005 and he rolled with it. For a man who has loved comics since childhood, it only seemed fitting that the anniversary of his shop would align with the day that we celebrate love.

Morgan is pretty much a hometown guy. His family moved to the area in 1975 with the Air Force. After his father completed his service he remained in Greenville for his retirement. Morgan would do a term in the Air Force as well and returned to call Greenville home after his service.
As a child, he would collect bottles to return for the deposit money to buy comic books. He began reading Archie, Richie Rich, and DC comics early on. He eventually came across Spider-Man and he instantly became his favorite—and still is today! When asked about comics and their importance and relevance today, Morgan said, “ I am glad comics are still around and hopefully will be for a long time. They have certainly helped inspire imaginations everywhere. These days books and movies are bringing them to life, but the original printed pages still captivate young and old readers. They are also a great stepping stone in getting young people to enjoy reading. Hopefully, they will continue reading comics but still move on to textbooks and novels to further expand their horizon.”

Located at 1214 A Laurens Road, Richard’s Comics and Collectables calls a 2500 sq ft (max), unassuming building with a blue sign out front home. Upon first impressions, you wouldn’t imagine that it houses so many treasures within those walls. Inside you will find items from various publishers, writers, and artists. You can find DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, and other publishers among the collection. Not only do they carry new editions, but back editions are in their inventory. Whether you are a seasoned collector or a newbie, you are sure to find something to fit your obsession and your budget! I love the fact that they offer a $1 section on up to the rare and pricey pieces as well. There truly is something for everyone at Richard’s.

In celebration of 15 years in business, Morgan and his staff hosted an Amazing Anniversary Event on Saturday, February 15th. The event began at 7:30 pm and lasted about two hours. Loyal customers and fans of all ages started lining up just before 7 pm and soon the line wrapped around the building.

The crowd was made up of fans of all ages. One of the best conversations overheard while waiting to begin was one that centered around a superhero that unites fans, Batman—yes, Bruce Wayne himself and how we identify with “our” generational Batman. Several fans in the crowd were of the Michael Keaton—Batman club, while other honorable mention Batmen were Val Kilmer and George Clooney. To me, however, the most iconic Batman, (and the Batman owner Richard Morgan favors) is Adam West.

Morgan took great care and thought in making sure everyone had a chance to go home with something that evening. The first 100 or so guests were given goody bags and a raffle ticket as they entered the shop. The bags were given out 1 per family and every adult received a ticket for the raffle. Extra opportunities for raffle tickets were given throughout the night for being a subscriber or making a fifteen dollar or more purchase. Each person was only eligible to win one prize to make sure the prizes could go out to as many guests as possible. The bags contained comic books, pens, a coupon coin, a Green Lantern Ring and slightly varied so that not all items were the same in each bag. His thoughtfulness and planning do not come as a surprise though as Richard Morgan is very much into community give back and support through various opportunities.

One way he gives back is through Shriners, where he has donated comics and figures when the cosplay groups visit the children. Trades and hardcovers have also been donated to the hospital to be included among their library for the children to enjoy. He is also partial to helping teachers and schools. He was able to work out a deal with teachers who dropped by the shop, to get some comics into the hands of children through the Roper Mountain Science Center not too long ago. Morgan who is a cat fan, three own him…I mean he owns three cats, raised $1300 for the Greenville Humane Shelter last year with his convention through an auction. Why wouldn’t I want to spend my money in his shop?!?? Take more of my money now….
The event was well run, and the customers seemed to enjoy the evening, especially as superheroes such as Wolverine, Captain America, Batgirl, Wonder Woman and others were among the crowd. There were many artists and writers in attendance alongside the superheroes celebrating this milestone for their friend Richard Morgan.

Meeting new people and continuing conversations with current customers are two things Morgan really enjoys about being a shop owner. This place gave me the vibe that you might come in as a new customer, but you’ll leave as an old friend—kind of a nostalgic place where everybody knows your name. A real hometown treasure.

richards comics

Drop by and see what Richard and his team might have from your childhood or current interest. They get new inventory almost every week so if you are hunting something, in particular, I am sure he can help you find it. We left with a couple of POP movies Tombstone vinyl figures, Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday (my husband’s favorite movie of all time). You can bet that we will be back for the rest of the Tombstone gang! See you soon, Richard!

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