Ranking Popular Fast Food Milkshakes From Worst To First

  • By cvbizz
  • November 12, 2020
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Despite the fact that a milkshake is relatively simple to make, the quality of fast food milkshakes varies greatly, and you should know what you’re in for before you order. We did the legwork for you, and here’s the best — and the worst — milkshakes we found.

Even if you’re in dire need of a milkshake, ordering the Chocolate Shake from Burger King is a colossal mistake. Everything about this tragic excuse for a treat is an abomination. First of all, Burger King’s milkshakes are way too watery. A good milkshake has a satisfying thickness to it but apparently, this fast food joint didn’t get the memo.

Beyond its poor consistency, Burger King’s milkshakes taste way too much like milk. When you are drinking one of their Chocolate Shakes, you will barely be able to tell they added any chocolate to the mix. To make matters worse, Burger King tops their milkshakes with a disgusting substance that is allegedly whipped cream. This yucky whipped cream knockoff has a sourness to it that makes it difficult to swallow.

Keep watching to see us rank Popular Fast Food Milkshakes From Worst To First.

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Burger King Chocolate Shake | 0:00
McCDonald’s Strawberry | 0:58
Steak n’ Shake Oreo Mint Shake | 1:49
In-and-out Burger Vanilla Shake | 2:48
Sonic Drive-In Fresh Banana Shake | 3:44
Dairy Queen Hot Fudge Shake | 4:30
Smashburger Peanut Butter Shake | 5:08
Del Taco Strawberry Premium Shake | 5:45
Culver’s Raspberry Shake | 6:23
Arby’s Vanilla shake | 7:15
Cook Out Blueberry Milkshake | 8:04
Five Guys Bacon Milkshake | 8:40
Whataburger Chocolate Shake | 9:17
Jack in the Box Strawberry Ice Crean Shake | 10:06
Chick-fil-A Cookies & Cream Milkshake | 10:40

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