Quarantine Kitchen: Chicken Basics

  • By cvbizz
  • April 7, 2020
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John Malik How to Cook Chicken

Chicken Basics from the iOnGreenville/Tin Roof Farm Quarantine Kitchen

A whole chicken provides many possibilities and is quite the value when compared to buying cut chicken pieces. In what was the most requested technique by our audience, Chef John Malik details the process of how to bone a whole chicken, make a basic chicken stock and from that, chicken soup.

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About Chef John Malik

This is a new installment in a new series of essays from our friend John Malik.
Extremely accomplished, John is a James Beard Society nominee for Best Chef in the Southeast, has published a novel Doughnuts for Amy and you can find his essays on Food, Travel, and the culinary scene of the Southeast in the Huffington Post. John is currently Chef of the Loft at Soby’s.

We are extremely excited to have John contribute monthly essays and videos for iOnGreenville!