Poll Says Cash Incentives Most Likely to Increase Vaccination Rates

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  • June 10, 2021
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A new survey of 1,990 registered voters by The Politico/Morning Consult asked a wide range of questions relating to the economic and political landscape. One group of questions dealt with Vaccine hesitancy and tried to determine which incentives where most likely to spur a person toward getting the Covid-19 vaccine.

The survey asked the following question five times with different prizes offered each time:
How desirable are the following incentives in exchange for receiving a COVID-19vaccine, if at all? Being entered into a lottery to win …. ” Respondents were given the choice of winning Cash, a truck, a gun, a scholarship or a vacation.

Cash is the clear winner incentivizing Covid vaccination

After the results were tabulated, it is clear that most people would receive a Covid-19 shot if cash were offered as an incentive. Here are the percentage of people who saw each choice as Very Desirable:

  • Cash – 40%
  • Vacation – 23%
  • A Truck – 23%
  • Scholarship – 16%
  • A Gun – 11%

Although the average country only has 6% of it’s population vaccinated, the U.S. still ranks 8th in the world with about 43% of adults being fully vaccinated. Getting to Biden’s goal of 70% of the population will take work and many states are incentivizing people via lotteries and other means hoping to raise their vaccination rate.

No Vaccine Lottery in South Carolina

The South Carolina House rejected a bill designed to create million-dollar drawings for people who are vaccinated against COVID-19. However, other initiatives are planned to help boost South Carolina’s vaccination rate; a rate that ranks 40th in the nation. South Carolina’s Shot and a Chaser program begins this week where local breweries are offering free beer when people get the Covid-19 shot at their location. This is an effort to reach the 20-24 age group, least vaccinated group in South Carolina. Unfortunately, this new survey did not ask how beer would act as an incentive.

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