Police: Man arrested after attempting to use a homemade flamethrower on his neighbors

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  • October 14, 2020
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<a href=”https://www.wqad.com/article/news/crime/police-moline-man-arrested-after-attempting-to-use-a-homemade-flamethrower-on-his-neighbors/526-bf522c79-d483-4663-a906-993fcffc4c42″ target=”_blank”>Click here for updates on this story</a>

MOLINE, IL (<a href=”https://www.wqad.com/article/news/crime/police-moline-man-arrested-after-attempting-to-use-a-homemade-flamethrower-on-his-neighbors/526-bf522c79-d483-4663-a906-993fcffc4c42″ target=”_blank”>WQAD</a>) — A Moline man is behind bars after police say he was seen running down an alley with a flame thrower, actively attempting to use it on buildings, cars, and people.

Paul Taylor 61, of Moline,

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