One year later, community searches for missing Pendleton baby

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  • July 31, 2016
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It’s been over a year since one-year-old Leonna Wright went missing from her Pendleton apartment. All searches by Anderson County deputies have come up short.

On Sunday evening, community activist Traci Fant and a large group took to a wooded area in Pendleton to search for clues as to what happened to the baby girl.

“An infant, just being taken by someone and no one knows what happened… it’s just terrible all together,” said Trevonte Smith who helped search. Smith said he’s been following her disappearance for the past year.

“Anyone who knows anything about the case if they can come forward with any kind of information that we can use or if they can just volunteer and help us out,” said Smith.

Fant immediately began helping Leonna’s family when she vanished last year. “We’ve heard rumors that drug dealers had her. We’ve heard rumors that she was up north. She was in the woods. But we’ve never recovered Leonna,” said Fant.

Fant said she received several Facebook messages urging her to bring attention to the wooded area they searched on Sunday.”With every tip we receive, we look into it. With every call we receive, we answer it. We talk to anyone who may have clue to what may have happened,” she said.

Last year, Anderson County deputies searched for weeks by land, air and water looking for the baby, but all search efforts came up empty handed. “Anderson County has been very supportive in our efforts, they wanna bring her home just as much as we do,” said Fant.

Fant said she brought an investigator to this location, and a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office said they will be searching the area in the next few days. “It’s sort of bittersweet because you don’t want to find anything either…you know because then there’s still that hope that she may be alive,” said Fant.

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