Old-School Thanksgiving Desserts That Need To Make A Comeback

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  • November 12, 2020
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A heaping helping of once-popular Thanksgiving desserts seem to have fallen out of fashion over the years. These were, at one time, seen on Turkey Day tables across the country, or at least in certain regions. So consider trying some of these tasty vintage treats at your feast this Thanksgiving.

Undoubtedly, this former staple of New England tables needs a new name. Maybe something like Molasses Delight, or how about a Rum-and-Vodka? The main ingredients are the base ingredients of rum and vodka – molasses and corn. But maybe that would make too many people think it’s alcoholic.

According to What’s Cooking America, this dish has also been called Indian Mush, but that’s maybe even worse. In its earliest incarnation – which dates back to around 1796 – this dessert was little more than a cornmeal mush with a dash of molasses added for sweetness. It has roots in an old-timey English dessert called hasty pudding that dates back to 1599, and if that doesn’t sound appetizing in the least, don’t worry, it gets better.

Later recipes added things like raisins and spices, and in the handful of places where it’s still served, it’s often accompanied by vanilla ice cream. Since the pudding is served hot and the ice cream is cold, some have taken to calling it Heaven-and-Hell. That’s not a bad name!

Watch this video for even more old school Thanksgiving desserts that need to make a comeback!

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Indiana pudding | 00:00
Narragansett strawberry cornbread | 1:16
Pilgrim pumpkin/squash pit | 2:16
Jell-o salad | 3:08
Nantucket cranberry pie | 4:00
Pumpkin pudding | 4:39
Sarah Josepha Hale;s apple pudding | 5:13
Sweet potato sonker | 6:05
Sugar ration apple pie | 6:44
Hot Dr. Pepper | 7:45
The Nutsnacker | 8:42
Steamed cranberry pudding | 9:35
Hellman’s cranberry souffle salad | 10:30

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