Nathan Bowles Trio Live at Horizon Records This Saturday

  • By cvbizz
  • July 8, 2019
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At Horizon Records, we love all folk music forms, traditional, Americian primitive, experimental, eclectic & improv-driven minimalist kind of stuff. Nathan Bowles is ALL of those, and we are most excited to present his trio here on July 20th at 3 p.m.

Here’s some enlightening praise and description of the magic that is NATHAN BOWLES, courtesy of STEVE GUNN & Pitchfork:

“Nathan’s music is marked by both his deep study of vernacular American forms and his years-long dedication to the development of his own voice. He is a musician who respects tradition as he values experimentation, an artist whose work commands careful listening. This balance is what makes Nathan’s voice singular: as a player, he is fearless, challenging. And as a listener, I am grateful and inspired.” – Steve Gunn

“Bowles has the power to transform the sound of a banjo—and folk music—into something transcendental … something boundless and new. [He’s] a crucial force in folk music, showcasing his ability to interweave the genre’s communal spirit with chilling moments of ambient introspection.” – Pitchfork

Sounds about right to us, which is why we’re happy to welcome Nathan for an intimate in-store performance featuring material from his playfully subversive new album, PLAINLY MISTAKEN.

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