Musicians Who Are Terrors To Tour With

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  • October 22, 2020
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Let’s face it, rock stars don’t always see themselves as normal people. They travel from city to city, followed by adoring crowds and laying out extravagant demands to practically everyone they meet. And some of these stars can be absolute nightmares. These are the very worst musicians to tour with.

To be fair, when the public accepts you as a diva, that usually means you’ve kind of earned the right to act like one. And everyone knows that Mariah Carey is a diva. She’s such a diva, in fact, that she won’t say a word to anyone on the day of a performance, lest she damage her voice on a particularly harsh consonant. She’s also such a diva that she once demanded that a record store redecorate their bathroom prior to hosting her for a one-hour performance, and she smashed a tea set she’d been drinking from so no one could sell it afterwards.

But nothing quite tops the demand she made when Westfield Shopping Center in London invited her to switch on their holiday lights. During that performance, the singer wanted to be surrounded by 100 white doves and 20 white kittens, according to Marie Claire, a source said that the doves were a go, but they couldn’t deliver on the kittens for health and safety reasons. For the record, Carey later denied ever having made such a request. She explained:

“Twenty cats is an absolute lie. I’m not a cat lady.”

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Cardi B | 3:05
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