Mobile Phone Summer Survival Tips

  • By cvbizz
  • April 29, 2018
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As the Summer approaches, the calls we get for water damage phones increases tremendously. A few tips for saving your phone if the water decides to take a swim outdoors, or even in the toilet or sink:
This is so difficult to do, but you must have patience to save your phone! DO NOT power it on and see if it works. If there is water on the processors in the phone, seeing if the phone works will fry the processors on the main board.

  1. Take a BOX of rice. Shove the phone in the middle of the box of rice and let the box STAND on the counter for 2-3 days. Gravity will bring the water down to
  2. the bottom of the phone, where the rice can absorb the water. If you lay the phone flat in rice, the water will not go anywhere and still cause a danger to the processors.After 2-3 days, take the phone out and now try and power it on. If the phone does power up, but has various issues, please call us and we will try and help.
  3. Salt water is the worst liquid for electronics. Salt water immediately causes corrosion on electronics. Chlorine water is a close second. And if your phone is going to take a swim, fresh water is the best for having the greatest odds of your phone surviving a water accident.

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