Matt Gaetz has a wild new plan to put Trump back in the White House

  • By cvbizz
  • July 5, 2021
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At a weekend rally in Florida, Matt Gaetz have details on his plan to return Donald Trump to the presidency before 2024. The plan, which has been floated by several right wing conspirators, involves having Trump win a House seat.

Once in the House, Trump could then be voted Speaker of the House; a position that is third in the line of power. Gaetz proposes that then Speaker Trump could impeach Biden and install himself as President.

While theoretically plausible, Trump has stated he has no plans to run for the House. Additionally, grounds for impeachment would have to be found and substantiated.

Lastly, Gaetz may not be able to vote for the Speaker of the House as he is dealing with legal troubles of his own.

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