Local Breweries Lead the Way for Live Music in Greenville & the Upstate

  • By cvbizz
  • January 20, 2021
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I have said this before but, looking at the iOnGreenville concert calendar, I feel compelled to repeat myself – local breweries are hosting the absolute heck out of live music despite the pandemic. Even as cooler weather sets in making outdoor shows less than ideal, a brewhouse makes a great spot for socially distanced shows and local artists are thriving in them across the Upstate. Carolina Bauernhaus, Quest Brewing, Golden Grove Farm & Brew, and New Groove Artisan Brewing are but a few of the breweries with live music on the agenda in the weekend ahead.

Of all the brewery shows this week, it was Fireforge Crafted Beer’s lineup that caught my attention the most. With shows on both Friday and Saturday, Fireforge is bringing in both regional artists and genres we might not come to expect at our local breweries.

First up is Frances Eliza Friday night, which brings a not uncommon singer songwriter vibe to the local scene. What strikes me as interesting, however, is that Eliza is but a 20 year old music major at UNC Asheville whose voice and songwriting are polished well beyond her years. She has been singing since she was four and performing solo since the age of 13, displaying a huge commitment to music at an age where most kids care about little more than what their friends are up to. Her coming down the mountain from Asheville to share her talents with the Upstate is a rare treat and is sure to be one of the weekend’s highlights.

Listen to Intertwined by Frances Eliza

On Saturday, Fireforge hits us with another live show, this time courtesy of the Spartanburg hip-hop ensemble NotePad Collective. I tend to be a bit of a broken record when I say that the Upstate music scene needs more live hip-hop so, naturally, this news warms my soul. Sadly, this performance comes just weeks after the passing of one of the group’s members, Roderice Cardell (AKA TheMaDDDartist) who was loved in the Spartanburg community. If ever there was a time when we all need to come together and show some local talent some love, this is it, which just doubles the reasons to check out this one Saturday evening.

Vote Now for the Upstate Music Awards

Finally, I just have to offer the friendly reminder that voting in the Upstate Music Awards ends next Monday. Even if you are hesitant to make it out to live music during these times, this is the best way to support the artists that make up such a richly talented local music scene. Sample the bands and artists nominated on this handy Spotify playlist and get thyself over the UMA website to vote before it is too late.

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