LiveWell Got Euphoric!

  • By cvbizz
  • January 6, 2015
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LiveWell Greenville joined the menu of fantastic events at this year’s Euphoria Greenville food festival by sponsoring the Kids’ Healthy Lunchtime Throwdown.

In the midst of late September’s Euphoria Jazz Brunch, with its lively music and food sampling, Greenville County School students submitted recipes for healthy lunch items; the four finalists cooked their dishes for a panel of judges.

Now the winning student’s menu item, a nutritious Cajun rice creole, will be added to all school cafeteria menus throughout Greenville County!

The competition was sponsored by LiveWell Greenville, Mill Village Farms and Tupelo Honey CafĂ©, but the entire process reflects LiveWell’s focus on partnerships and environmental change.

Involving young people in a meaningful way while showcasing their healthy eating efforts to the entire community made a lasting impression.

What’s more, featuring the nutritious new item across the district is a practical way to reach thousands of students with a healthy meal – and a healthy message.

This effort was supported in part by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Partnerships to Improve Community Health grant. We encourage you to try the recipe of our winner, A.J. Whittenberg fourth-grader Sarah Walker, on your family’s own menu soon!

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