Live Music Returns to The Radio Room

  • By cvbizz
  • September 22, 2020
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shyland flowers at the radio room
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Brett Barest

As the current age just seems to continue to get stranger by the day, one cannot help but wonder what “getting back to normal” even means at this point. Will we ever return to being a maskless, care free society accepting of gatherings or will the new normal consist of an eternity of face coverings and fear of human contact? I suspect things will look somewhere in between for quite a bit longer but I am willing to celebrate anything that resembles the world we left behind back in March.

On that note, the biggest thing I am celebrating this weekend is the return of live music to The Radio Room. It has been about seven months since Greenville’s most dedicated live music venue has hosted a show and it is a huge relief to see bands making their way back to The Radio Room stage in any capacity. Yes, there will be a host of safety measure and precautions in place but let me get to those details in a moment and start with what is most important – the music.

If you spent any time reading our “Artists Picking Artists” series that we explored during the pandemic, you have surely seen the name Shyland Flowers more than a few times. The Greenville raised rapper received praise from fellow artists across a variety of genres for good reason. His storytelling, delivery, and overall energy that he brings to the stage makes him one of the best in the business, local or otherwise and it will surely be a pleasure to see him knock the dust off The Radio Room stage Saturday night.

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Joining Shyland Flowers in this mixed genre bill are 72nd and Central, Shearing, and Fabric. 72nd and Central are a self described “Classic Alternative Indie Acoustic Metal Rock” ensemble, which is to say if you like rock & roll with a bit of punch, you are in for a treat from this bill’s headliner. On the harder side of things, Shearing and Fabric bring the industrial noise just to make sure everyone is awake and paying attention to start the evening.

Safety is still the top concern

As for the logistics of the evening, The Radio Room is taking every precaution available in these uncertain times. Temperatures will be checked at the door, the venue will operate at a strictly enforced capacity limit, and masks will be required when standing. The statewide 11pm cutoff for bars and restaurants means the show will end a little early than Radio Room regulars are accustomed to, but that actually is an attractive change for old farts like myself. Furthermore, a bit of common sense is encouraged when it comes to washing hands and staying home if you feel the least bit unwell.

This is the type of night that The Radio Room spoiled us with four to five nights a week back in olden times and it is a relief to see it start to return. It might take some time to see the marquee overflowing with names every week and for nationally touring artists to get back on the road but, in the meantime, this is a great first step toward normality with four immensely talented local artists sharing the stage for the first time since Spring. If you are feeling healthy and willing to follow a few simple rules, there is no better place to take in a show than The Radio Room Saturday night.

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