LeBron James Is the Most Valuable Player in NBA History: Unchecked

  • By cvbizz
  • September 9, 2020
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LeBron James now has more playoff wins than anyone ever proving no NBA player has ever been more valuable.

LeBron James has the most playoff wins because he does more to impact winning than anyone who has ever lived. 

Think about it like this, he’s got well over 1,000 more playoff points than the likes of Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Kobe Bryant yet people are constantly saying how scoring isn’t even his best skill. 

That’s probably because he’s also the best passer I’ve ever seen and his ability to get others involved is just as dangerous as his ability to get his own, which has been good enough to put him third all time in playoff assists, and climbing, behind legendary point guards Magic Johnson and John Stockton. 

And then there’s a game like last night’s Los Angeles Lakers win over the Houston Rockets, where his defense completely changed the

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