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  • June 19, 2015
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Who We Are

LiveWell Greenville is a network of organizations partnering to ensure access to healthy eating and active living for every Greenville County resident.

Our Purpose

Greenville County has one of the highest obesity rates in the nation with 66% of adults and 41% of youth being overweight or obese. It is difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle when the surrounding environment does not promote healthy habits. Without providing adequate access to healthy eating and active living, the overall health of our community will continue to decline.

Hosted by the YMCA of Greenville as our legal and fiscal agent, LiveWell Greenville has become the primary vehicle through which partner organizations can successfully promote positive change. Our coalition supports schools, neighborhoods, businesses and other areas of our community through resources, collaboration and evaluation to promote healthy eating and active living.


The vision of LiveWell Greenville is to establish Greenville County as the healthiest place to live in the nation.


The mission of LiveWell Greenville is to make the healthy choice the easy choice by creating and maintaining a community that supports healthy eating and active living.


Sustainable Impact – LiveWell Greenville supports policies, systems and environments (PSEs) to positively influence large sectors of the community and to ensure that initiatives which promote healthy eating and active living are long-term and self-sustaining.

Collaboration – LiveWell Greenville supports collaboration of multiple sectors, partners and organizations to share expertise, perspectives and resources to promote healthy eating and active living.

Engagement –LiveWell Greenville actively engages all sectors of the community by (1) creating open, two-way dialogue 2) fostering interaction among stakeholders and 3) providing resources and opportunities to residents, organizations, businesses and leaders.

Empowerment –LiveWell Greenville encourages organizations, citizens and target populations to be promoters, influencers and beneficiaries who promote healthy eating and active living through education and communication.
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