Joe Buck Explains What Really Happened With That Leaked Clip About Military Flyovers: TRAINA THOUGHTS

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  • October 22, 2020
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Joe Buck and Troy Aikman were not mocking military flyovers in leaked clip.

1. One of the dumbest sports media “controversies” rolls on with Joe Buck shedding light on what really happened in that leaked video.

If you read Traina Thoughts on Wednesday, you know a video of Buck and Troy Aikman sarcastically talking about military flyovers before Sunday’s Packers-Bucs game ended up on the internet, with the duo taking heat from people who thought they were mocking the military. 

Aikman addressed the matter on Twitter on Tuesday night. Buck talked about the issue at length on the latest episode of his Daddy Issues podcast, which came out Thursday morning.

Buck explained the remarks he and Aikman made in the clip were actually said by people on their crew at a dinner the night before. Buck and Aikman were mocking those people, not the military.

Buck was asked by his Daddy Issues cohost,

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