It’s A Stacked Weekend of Upstate Live Music

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  • November 15, 2019
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Aubrey Eisenman & the Clydes

I often say something along the lines of “there’s a little something for everyone” when I talk about the week in live music but this week I need to adjust that sentiment. There is actually a lot of things for everybody and, no matter what suits your mood, you are going to be faced with some potentially tough decisions in the days ahead. If one is so inclined, you could see a show a night from Wednesday through Sunday and still miss half a dozen shows that are more than worth your while.
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Decisions are easy tonight and Thursday with a couple of shows rising above the rest, in my opinion. Tonight you will find The Hunts at The Radio Room who will bring in their brand of pop folk delivered by an ensemble of seven siblings. The harmonies are just catchy enough to keep your attention without delving into the realm of too “poppy” for my tastes and this should be a pretty entertaining show. For a more esoteric experience, Scrumptious brings their “jamtronica” sound to Quest Brewing Thursday night for a special fundraiser for Project Host. Formerly known as the Kirby Bright Band, Scrumptious is going to bring a ton of danceable energy for a great cause, all accompanied by some pretty tasty brews.

Friday is when things get tricky and your choice of show will depend heavenly on your taste in music or, more likely, what genre you are most in the mood for that particular evening. Bluegrass fans will have to choose between Aubrey Eisenman & the Clydes at the Spinning Jenny or Airshow at Gottrocks, neither making that an easy decision for anyone. For a singer songwriter spin on things, look no further than Eighth State Brewing Company who continues to deliver solid live performances each and every weekend, this time with Ashville’s Aunt Vicki and Greenville’s own Glory Day Loflin. For something with a little more of an edge to it, Birds Fly South’s new Decorate the Silence concert series features Act Normal and Curly Blue delivering their brands of punk and alternative rock, respectively. On a personal note, I built the stage these latter two bands will be performing on and, not yet having seen anyone perform on it yet, I feel a strong need to remedy that oversight.

Saturday offers more of the same challenges with the only easy decision being an afternoon show at The Bohemian Café with the all female folk ensemble Sunflowers & Sin. After that, one must choose between the great Lee Ann Womack at The Spinning Jenny, a Beatles tribute celebrating the 50th anniversary of Abbey Road at The Firmament, or an eclectic four band set of electronica, alternative rock, and psych courtesy of Bombay Gasoline, The Parlor Pinks, Sane Voids, and Nicholas Mallis. Finally, Vilai Harrington & the Hamptones will be at Velo Fellow and, considering that their new CD has not left my car’s stereo since I got it two weeks, I am pretty sure I know what show I will be hoping to attend.

The concert calendar rolls right on into Sunday when Titus Andronicus – the band, not the oft criticized Shakespeare tragedy – takes The Radio Room stage. The New Jersey based punk band has been wowing audiences since 2008 playing everything from club shows like this one to Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. This could be the best show of the weekend in my opinion so it pleases me to no end that it takes place with minimal competition Sunday evening. That all adds up to a dozen different shows over a five day span at clubs, music halls, and breweries that are all worthy of our attention. If you are looking for something bigger, The Doobie Brothers and Alice Cooper will be at The Peace Center this weekend as well (separate nights, of course) but for my money, the shows I want to see this weekend will be at the smaller venues. Pick from these and a whole host of other live shows listed on the iOnGreenville app and don’t miss out on a ton of live music in the days ahead.

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