Is Sugar Bakeshop Best Bakery In South Carolina?

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  • December 11, 2020
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Each state is home to a multitude of bakeries, but there are a few that stand out for their delectable goodies. By scouring reviews, looking through awards, and, of course, doing a bit of eating of our own, we’ve put together a guide showcasing the best bakery in every state.

This Montgomery bakery boasts freshly baked, from-scratch cupcakes. Many reviews mention that they’re incredibly delicious and moist, and they’re made just as a perfect cupcake should be. The flavor options are abundant, with everything from Red Velvet and Banana Pudding to Pecan Pie. And the sweet potato cupcake? That just might take the cake.

Located in Anchorage, this bakery claims that it makes bread “the way it ought to be.” And people sure seem to like the methodology. The bread here really is out of this world, and it sure seems like people in the area have caught on. Best of all? The bread isn’t the only thing at this bakery. Other menu items include muffins, scones, cookies, and ridiculously delicious cinnamon rolls.

It might be surprising that this bakery is tucked away in a strip mall in Tempe, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. They have everything from lemon croissants to mini shepherd’s hand pies on the menu. And while the menu is vast, there’s one item that Squarz is known for the caramelized croissant, a dessert some have said was worth readjusting their entire life for. Keep watching the video to see the absolute best bakery in every state!

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Alabama: JoZettie’s Cupcakes | 0:00
Alaska: Great Harvest Bread Company | 0:39
Arizona: Squarz | 1:03
Arkansas: Rick’s Bakery | 1:25
California: Milk Jar Cookies | 1:47
Colorado: Wimberger’s Old World Bakery & Delicatessen | 2:08
Connecticut: Neil’s Donuts and Bake Shop | 2:33
Delaware: Bing’s Bakery | 2:54
Florida: B Bistro + Bakery | 3:28
Georgia: Root Baking Co. | 3:55
Hawaii: Liliha Bakery | 4:18
Idaho: Janjou Patisserie | 4:44
Illinois: Lost Larson | 5:12
Indiana: Amelia’s Bread | 5:33
Iowa: Jaarsma Bakery | 5:50
Kansas: Wheatfields Bakery | 6:16
Kentucky: Bluegrass Baking Company | 6:39
Louisiana: Willa Jean | 7:02
Maine: Standard Baking Co. | 7:29
Maryland: Harmony Bakery | 7:56
Massachusetts: Sofra Bakery | 8:20
Michigan: Sister Pie | 8:45
Minnesota: Sun Street Breads | 9:10
Mississippi: Sugaree’s Bakery | 9:39
Missouri: Nathaniel Reid Bakery | 10:05
Montana: Black Cat Bake Shop | 10:35
Nebraska: Sweet Magnolias Bake Shop | 11:00
Nevada: Freed’s Bakery | 11:25
New Hampshire: Elephantine Bakery | 11:49
New Jersey: Balthazar Bakery | 12:12
New Mexico: Golden Crown Panaderia | 12:33
New York: Levain Bakery | 12:56
North Carolina: La Farm Bakery | 13:23
North Dakota: Nichole’s Fine Pastry | 13:48
Ohio: Boosalis Baking & Cafe | 14:10
Oklahoma: Pie Junkie | 14:30
Oregon: Ken’s Artisan Bakery | 14:53
Pennsylvania: Essen Bakery | 15:17
Rhode Island: Wright’s Dairy Farm & Bakery | 15:44
South Carolina: Sugar Bakeshop | 16:13
South Dakota: CH Patisserie | 16:36
Tennessee: Muddy’s Bake Shop | 17:00
Texas: Mi Tierra Café y Panadería | 17:20
Utah: Fillings & Emulsions | 17:48
Vermont: Sticky Fingers | 18:14
Virginia: Blackbird Bakery | 18:37
Washington: Le Panier | 19:03
West Virginia: Sokolata | 19:23
Wisconsin: Batch Bakehouse | 19:50
Wyoming: Persephone Bakery | 20:14

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