If you lose audio during newscasts, here’s how to fix it

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  • April 8, 2020
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GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) – If you are experiencing a loss of sound when watching FOX Carolina newscasts, our chief engineer says to check the audio settings on your TV and satellite box.

WHNS-TV Chief Engineer Bob Munyon said his team switched to a new encoder on Tuesday after adding Grit TV to WHNS’ dot-channel lineup.

Munyon said some TV’s may not recognize the new audio stream and instead switch to SAP or alternate audio.

To remedy this, Munyon said to check and be sure the audio setting on your TV and receiver box is set to “English” and not “Default” or “SAP.”

“During the newscasts, we only put out an upconverted 5.1 audio stream but we do not put out the SAP channels of audio,” Munyon explained. “Some TVs can’t handle the change, so they will not have audio during the news until people switch their TVs back to English from Alternate or Spanish.”

If you have further questions, email <a href=”mailto:whnsengineering3@foxcarolina.com”>whnsengineering3@foxcarolina.com</a> or call 864-213-2137.


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