Huge Mistakes Everyone Makes When Eating Fast Food

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  • November 10, 2020
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Fast food is a vital part of a road trip and a savior on those nights when we’re too lazy to cook. Just because we know our way around a McDonald’s or Taco Bell, though, doesn’t mean we don’t make mistakes. Here’s a look at some of the blunders everyone makes when eating fast food.

Receiving a box of soggy fries just sucks. On the other hand, eating a fistful of fresh fries can make your week a million times better. And while it’s completely inexcusable that some places can’t consistently serve up quality dishes, the time of day when a person orders their fast food could impact the meal’s taste.

First We Feast broke down the ideal times to go to a few of these joints. You should head to Krispy Kreme at 6 a.m. First We Feast wrote,

“This is your best shot at finding the red light on at Krispy Kreme, which means that fresh glazed doughnuts are rolling off the conveyor belt.”

The prime hour to eat Chipotle is, surprisingly, 3 p.m. According to First We Feast,

“Chipotle has convinced a lot of people who normally scoff at fast food to believe that it’s totally reasonable to eat a baby-size burrito for lunch. And you know what that means? Lines so long they essentially negate the fast in fast food.”

It could also be a smart idea for every foodie to jot down the hours that correlate with top-notch and terrible fast food meals. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a pattern and can head to your favorite local fast food restaurant at the optimal moment.

Keep watching to see more Huge Mistakes Everyone Makes When Eating Fast Food.

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Going at the wrong time | 00:00
Not planning ahead of time | 01:33
Asking for fries without salt | 02:36
Not combining items from different chains | 03:42
Ordering the largest size | 04:47
Ordering these items | 05:43
Not taking your food home | 06:36
Ordering a drink with ice | 07:26
Demanding items from “secret menu” | 08:07
Ordering a burrito at Chipotle | 09:00
Texting while eating with your friends | 09:48
Not transforming your Happy Meal box | 10:45
Ordering medium pizzas | 11:28

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