How You Can Give the Perfect Gift

  • By KaylaK
  • July 1, 2021
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How You Can Give the Perfect Gift
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Buying someone a gift is always a game of chance. If you know them well, can see what they already have, and can get a straight answer to the question, “so, what do you want?”, it’s easy. Most of the time, though, it’s a painful game of noncommittal answers, unclear suggestions, and that final disappointed look on the day of gift-giving. However, there are methods to find a gift that the recipient will love no matter what. Here’s how you can give the perfect gift.

Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open

One of the best gift-giving situations is with a person you don’t know very well. With close friends and family, however, it’s often more fraught. Few people want to tell you outright what they’d like for a gift, but almost everyone will let it slip when they have their eye on something. When you’re with your significant other, relative, friend, acquaintance, or workmate, look and listen, and they’ll give you suggestions without knowing they’re giving them. Also, while interests are a good source of inspiration, listen more to things they want and don’t make assumptions about what they might like. They might already have it.

Experiences Are Appreciated More Than Things

While we all want to present an amazing and stupendous object that knocks the gift getter’s socks off, that’s a unicorn, rarely seen experience. In truth, object gifts are often overrated, not to mention risky. You don’t want to get someone something they already have, or that isn’t their style. It’s best to go with experiential gifts. Tickets to see bands or shows, gift certificates for a one-of-a-kind restaurant, museum exhibits, sight-seeing tours, travel, and more will allow them to always carry the memories with them.

Go Wide, Not Narrow

If you try to get something for someone with a very specific interest, don’t try to present something singular. For example, if your gift getter enjoys sewing or quilting, don’t buy a sewing machine or specific tool. Give them a gift certificate they can use to buy fabric, thread, or other supplies that run out. If they enjoy running, don’t buy expensive running shoes; instead, get them very nice running socks. People with passions are always grateful for the opportunity to indulge them.

Gifts for Human People

Following that, when deciding how you can give the perfect gift, stick with the basic things that all humans like and address their needs. Wine and cheese are always winners; although, make sure the person drinks and doesn’t have any dairy or other food allergies. If they do, there are nonalcoholic and vegan alternatives. Everybody likes warmth, so a lovely quilt or wooly blanket is rarely disliked as a gift. Keeping things basic is always a safe bet.

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