How to Write a Resume After College

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  • June 23, 2020
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A resume is a professional document required to present the background, skill, and achievements of an individual to a potential employer. In short, it acts like a self-marketing document which the employer will use to merit job candidates. Like any sales speech, it is the job of the candidate to convince the employer they deserve to be hired for the position. However, it can be challenging when it comes to explaining things like job gaps, career changes, and over-qualification. Therefore, to write a convincing resume, you should look to document your credentials in the shortest time possible. Here are tips on how to write a compelling resume.

Choose a position

This is the most critical part of a resume although the section is often overlooked by students. An individual needs to specify the job title he or she is aspirating to get hired for. By doing this, the resume will have a purpose and make you stand out among the job applicants in an entity. By stating the job description, it makes it easier for the employer to focus on your qualifications and professionalism. Make sure that you have the qualifications to challenge for a position because specifying the job may work to your disadvantage. If you are fresh from university, consider starting at low positions in the field you studied. Resumes written by Essay Kitchen show that all that is needed is transparency and self-awareness to write a good essay.

List your education

After choosing a position you are confident of getting an opportunity, it is time for your education credentials to speak on your behalf. The education section provides the employer with more background relevant to understand your fit for the role. If education qualifications are relevant to the hiring position, this section will set you apart from other applicant’s resumes. Despite its importance, the section should be simple, short, and straight to the point. Hiring managers often look for basic information such as the name of the school, degree obtained, a field of study, your GPA, and other relevant achievements. As it is the shortest section, reference custom essays and try keeping it 15–30 words. Also, ask yourself, “is cv the same as a resume?” to understand the purpose of the documents and their required lengths.

Adding a nice picture

Unless you are applying for a modeling job, your physical appearance won’t affect your hiring chances in a position. Also, the picture does not help the hiring manager better understand your suitability for the role. In some instances, however, a picture can help convince the hiring manager by providing more of your personality. The addition of a picture is a risky move, therefore, here are things to consider for resume styles 2020

  • Customs in your country.

Some countries expect applicants to provide their image while other countries, it is frowned upon and considered inappropriate. Mostly countries that object try to protect themselves from accusations of discriminatory hiring practices. A quick search on Google will let you know your countries hiring customs.

  • The impression you intend to make.

This depends on the type of job you are applying for. If the job requires a personality and friendly demeanor, then yes, a photo will help you make an impression.

  • Type of photo.

If you decide to add a photo, there are do’s and don’ts to consider. Your photo should be professionally taken therefore, try avoiding selfies or pictures taken at an angle.

A4 Format is a must

Hiring managers look at your resume for a few minutes before deciding if it is worth reading further. Therefore, your resume should be direct to the point, eye-catching, and straight to the point. You can achieve this by choosing the right layout and formatting style and looking at a US cv example. Bright colors, fonts, and graphics are distracting to use unless you are applying in a creative field like design and art. For the normal application, keep it simple as you differentiate each part of the resume. Highlight or use bold letters for headings to show the beginning middle and end. Finally, the letter format A4 size should be used to maintain the uniformity of your resume.

Describe your college experience

Your Cv after college requires a healthy balance of academic qualifications and tales of your college experience. This section will give the hiring manager the chance to understand more of you. In this section, talk about the programs you were involved in college, internships, or volunteer work. Go as far as telling what you liked about the school and what you did not like during your time there. This is a perfect opportunity to input your personality on the resume to ensure you stand out from the rest of the applicants.

Check usual Resume formats for US students

The country you are applying for a job in will determine the way you approach resume writing. Writing a US cv resume means that you are to follow the guidelines provided in that country. For instance, the country does not accept the use of images on the resume unless it is clearly stated on the application requirements. These small details can make or break your chance of even getting your resume read. Therefore, you should stick to resume formats that are used by US students and not worry about being unique. Being unique in a formatting sense is more of a liability than desirable quality. With all applicants using the same format, the hiring manager can focus on the contents of the resume.

Do it in 1 page

The best advice for writing a successful resume is that less is more. You need to understand how businesses work to have a chance of being considered. In a country like The United States, competition for places is high. That means that the hiring manager is spoiled fir choice therefore it is up to you to grab his or her attention. Just like a commercial, your resume should be straight to the point and show the best qualities that separate you from the rest. Therefore, try keeping all your information under one page so that the hiring manager dies not to get tired of reading.


Your resume should be top quality and professional which means no grammatical and punctuation errors. To avoid putting off the hiring manager, consider using Grammarly to fine-tune your work.

The employer is interested in knowing individuals before hiring them for a position. This is done by looking at the application resumes provided by the candidate. To write a good resume, look at the situation as a chance for a first impression. Just like normal human interaction, you should strive to keep the employer intrigued by what you have to say. You need to be interesting and different from the rest such that the employer will feel your personality is a valuable addition to the company. Finally, don’t forget the important aspect of resume writing which is to follow instructions. It sounds simple but if you do not follow simple requirements in a resume, how does the employer trust you to follow instructions once hired.