How To (Successfully) Work From Home: Tech After Five Podcast

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  • March 18, 2020
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The world has changed. It’s probably changed for you. For many people, working from home is a new experience. How do you make that work? Even if you’ve been working remotely for awhile, you may be facing new conditions. You may have people or pets wandering in and out of your workspace when that’s not happened before. How do you make working away from others work for you? We’ve got some help for you, today.

How To (Successfully) Work From Home

We’ve got Carol Hamilton, a global communications expert to share with us some of her thoughts as she has worked with people and teams from around the world. How do you get your head right? How do you get your space right? How do you stay focused? How do you come to agreement with those around you on how you will create boundaries and work and life?

We’ve got some answers in this episode of the Tech After Five podcast.

Follow these steps:

  1. Get Buy In From Your Household
  2. Setting Your Environment for Success
  3. Managing the potential for interruptions
  4. Creating the Opportunity for Quality Contact with Colleagues
  5. Keeping Yourself working with loops that preserve the self

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