//How To Know When Your Drain Has a Serious Problem
How To Know When Your Drain Has a Serious Problem

How To Know When Your Drain Has a Serious Problem

Of all the problems that could pop up in our homes one of the last ones you want to deal is anything involving your drains. Drain problems can get very messy very quickly. Unless you really know what you’re doing, they’re also problems that you usually want to leave to a professional. There are some warning signs to look out for that indicate a drain problem. We’ll walk you through how to know when your drain has a serious problem so your home isn’t taken by surprise.

Foul Odors

It doesn’t take a professional plumber to tell you that a terrible smell coming from your drains is a real problem. A number of things could have gone wrong. It’s likely that a blockage in your pipes caused nasty-smelling particles to build up over time, creating the unpleasant smell. To ensure your own safety and that of your home, call a real professional plumber to take care of such a problem.

Patchy Lawn Spots

If your lawn has a particular spot that always seems flooded or excessively damp, don’t ignore it. Lawn spots like this could indicate there’s a problem with your sewer line such as a leak or a broken seal. Before this problem gets any worse, call in a professional to examine the worrisome lawn spot. Do this early enough and you could save yourself a lot of headaches.

Slow Draining

Obviously, drains get clogged all the time. Whether it’s your shower drain or kitchen drain, there’s always something that gets stuck in it. However, if all your drains are draining very slowly, it could mean there’s a larger clog somewhere further in the piping of your home.


The moment you see any sort of backflow from your drains—when they spit something up instead of draining down—you need to call a plumber. Backflow is the result of a serious, almost complete clog in one of your major pipes. Not only is it disgusting to look at and deal with, but it also is extremely unsanitary for you and the people you share your house with.

Strange Sounds

An easy way to tell that your drain has a serious problem is if you hear strange gurgling noises coming from them. This gurgling is the result of air trapped inside of your pipes; it can indicate a serious clog. This is a problem that you can almost come to ignore over time, but it’s an indicator that something is wrong. A professional will be able to tell you for certain what you need to do about it.